The first World Skate International Skateboarding Judging Commission (ISJC) Workshop to be held in Nanjing


Competitive Skateboarding has thrived for decades and many organization, both public and private, built different programs and professional Judges. World Skate's aim is to enhance what skateboarding already built spontaneously, sharing experiences to structure a Judging program that is universally agreed and accepted. ISJC workshop will take place in China from the 17th to the 20th of April.

During the last months, World Skate has been collecting and evaluating candidacies from different sources. The broad list of Judging experts has been organized in 2 groups: The International Skateboarding Judging Commission (ISJC) and the International Skateboarding Judging Advisor Panel (ISJAP).

The ISJC is a group of expert judges coming from National Federations (NF) and Professional Event Organizers (PEO) that will come together to define Skateboarding Judging Criteria and procedures, as well as defining World Skate Judging Educational program. The group of 17 will meet in Nanjing for a 4 days work session, hosted by the City of Nanjing and the Chinese Roller Sport Federation and local promoter Crownboard.

The ISJAP is a group of expert judges coming from National Federations (NF) and Professional Event Organizers (PEO) that will review and make suggestions on drafts produced by ISJC. The Advisor panel includes over 20 members and will receive the first draft document by the end of May 2018.

International Skateboarding Judging Commission (ISJC)

Nick Kilderry  AUS
Chen Gan  CHI
Martin Karas  CZE
Alexis Jauzion  FRA
Mirko Holzm├╝ller  GER
Bram Waterman  HOL
Luca Basilico  ITA
Gen Ogawa  JPN
Iztok Sumatic  SLO
Danny Zhang  USA/CHINA
Paul Zitzer  USA
Matt Rodriguez USA
Jason Rothmeyer USA
Neal Hendrix USA
Mimi Knoop USA
Josh Friedberg USA
Leonid Lukin RUS

International Skateboarding Judging Advisor Panel (ISJAP)

Daniela Quintabani Argentina
Etienne Rodriguez  Australian
Gleb Bentsiovski  Belarus
Duncan Robby Belgium
Renaat De Pierre Belgium
Mike Pragnell Canada
Rob Boyce Canada
Zhang Yixin China
Warren Stuart  Hong Kong
Avi Luzia  Israel
Noam Revkin Fenton  Israel
Makoto Tomita  Japan
Adlan Farazi Arif  Malaysia
Mohd Idzham Rahman  Malaysia
Henning Braaten  Norway
Danny Lozano  Spain
Dan Cates  UK
Mike Sinclair  USA
Ryan Clements  USA
Justin Regan  USA
Brian Harper USA
Jeff Jewett  USA
Don Bostik  USA