Paris 2024 proposes Skateboarding - now the decision is up to the IOC


Few hours ago the proposal has been unveiled by the President, Tony Estanguet: the Organizing Committee would like to have skateboarding as additional sport in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games edition, together with sport climbing, surfing and breakdancing.

Even though it seems already such a great news, we have to wait a few more months before celebrating Skateboarding confirmation at the Olympic Games: sure enough, Paris 2024’s proposal will be presented at the IOC Executive Board at the end of March (26-28) and, if accepted, will then be put forward to the IOC Session in June.

Tony Estanguet, a three-time canoeing Olympic champion and head of the Paris 2024 organising committee, said the inclusion of the new sports would make the Olympics "more urban" and "more artistic".

World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu said: "No need to say that we really hoped to celebrate this first accomplishment in the road to Paris, as we are putting all our energies to guarantee a success for the skateboarding in the Olympics already since its debut in Tokyo 2020. Skaters from more than 40 countries attended 2018 World Skate Championships - both Park and Street: for the very first time, girls and guys from all over the world had the chance to skate and compete together with iconic skateboarders such as Leticia Bufoni, Nyjah Huston or Pedro Barros. Our main goal is to make skateboarding even more popular and practised in all corners of the world and, in the meantime, to keep pure its urban and unique soul as it's what makes it so different and youth appealing."