Street Skateboarding World Championships 2021 Rome


The final qualification event for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics finished up this past weekend and sets the stage for the Olympic Games this summer. On a course that everyone seemed to be hyped on and in a location that was breath taking on all levels, the vibe on this one was different.

Wrapping up qualification on a high note and determining the final qualification spots, the eternal city of Rome showed the youngest sport headed to the Olympics how to hold an event. With $200,000 US dollar prize purse on the line and with placing on the podium guaranteeing direct qualification to the games, the stakes were high.

Even with everyone’s laser focus though, the support levels and evident friendship among everyone skateboarding was heartwarming. We can only hope things stay this way as we move through the years. Community in skateboarding is everything, we are so much more than just people who can do tricks on skateboards and compete. For sure the skill and consistency level has never been so high, but I get the feeling that most are competing against themselves and the better everyone does, the better skateboarding is. If you watched the sidelines and the decks through-out this thing and paid attention to the high fives and hugs, you couldn’t help, but smile.

Congratulations to everyone that puts their all into this thing we love and congratulations to everyone that’s made it through the grind and is headed to Tokyo!!! Check out who placed in the top 20 below and find the full results list here.