In Salem, Oregon, the World Skate Slalom Skateboarding World Championships


This weekend the 2023 World Skate Slalom Skateboarding World Championships is held at the soap box derby hill at Bush's Pasture Park in Salem, Oregon (USA) with 80 participants from 11 countries of four continents (Europe, North America, South America and Australia).

This World Skate sanctioned event will see slalom racers battle it out in three individual disciplines: Giant Slalom, Hybrid Slalom and Tight Slalom. All races are timed, and the finals will see racers going head-to-head through the elimination rounds.

The three disciplines represents different types of slalom racing and thus requires different skills. Tight slalom can either feature courses set in a straight line, or have a varied course layout. The distance between the cones is short and the speed can reach 4-5 cones per second. Giant slalom is quite the opposite with less turns, where course trajectory is key. Hybrid is a combination of the two, always with a great variety of course styles all in one: tight turns, longer turns, offset cones.

In each discipline, and for each class, World Champion titles will be awarded. In addition an overall winner will also be honored.