Empowering Women Globally: Women in Skateboarding Technical Courses Boundaries

During the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, today 25th of November, we want to underline and support, more than ever, the important work that our Gender Equality Commission is doing across the globe to empower women in skateboarding.
Since 2021, World Skate's Gender Equality Commission initiated a groundbreaking movement aimed at empowering women in sports through technical skateboarding courses. Commencing in Argentina, the success of these courses sparked a ripple effect, transcending borders and leaving an indelible mark across continents – from South America to Africa.
Our journey has traversed diverse landscapes, from Argentina to Uganda, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and culminating in Chile. Each course was hosted in state-of-the-art facilities, fostering an environment where women engaged in various activities while receiving tailored training curated by World Skate.
This global initiative unified women in a transformative movement, transcending geographical boundaries and empowering individuals at the forefront of change.
Across these diverse locations, the participants per course engaged in intense five-day sessions, honing cross-cutting skills pivotal to their careers in sports, particularly skateboarding. They delved into technical aspects while meticulously crafting their profiles, positioning themselves for elevated opportunities within the skateboarding industry.
"I’m proud to see that there are so many women in Latin America who have an immense vocation toward and love for sports, and a large portion of their valuable time is spent on activities that help the development of skateboarding." said Natalia Sanchez, Chairwoman of World Skate’s Gender Equality Commission,
"I am proud of the Latin American women's collective- within a culture that is far from standard in terms of equality and equity; it’s very encouraging to know that there are many women with incredible entrepreneurship who are looking for a little push to move forward. There is still a lot of work to be done in Latin America, and so this is one of the many courses I aspire to organise in order to grow involvement, be able to empower other colleagues and help connect Latin America with the world."
Today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, these courses stand as embodiments of resilience and triumph. They symbolize the collective strength, determination, and unity of women globally, painting a vivid portrait of inspiration for the future of female athletes worldwide.