WST Tokyo Street 2023 Crowns Two New Skateboarding World Champions!


The World Skateboarding Tour concluded the 2023 Street World Championship in the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo on Sunday the 17th of December with the host nation crowning new World Champions in both Men’s and Women’s divisions. The week-long event saw over 200 entrants from 50 nations compete for the title of World Champion as well as Official World Skate Ranking points which contribute towards qualification for the grand finale in Paris this coming summer.

16 9Ginwoo Onodera back tail hubba Practice WST Street WCH Tokyo 2023 Kenji Haruta 56 2

The host nation claimed 5 of the top 6 spots including a clean sweep in the men’s division. Much has been talked about the Japanese moment in skateboarding over the course of the last week, and nowhere has that been more evident than in the women’s contest scene. Five of the eight female finalists come from the host nation, and none of them are here by luck. In fact, it could have been an even higher percentage; Miyu Ito missed the cut by less than four points.What can be said with confidence is that today’s World Championship saw the highest standard of competitive skating ever in both divisions. Watch it all unfold here and read our more detailed analysis of the contest on our dedicated skateboardign blog here.

Yumeka Oda kickflip front feeble finals WST Street WCH Tokyo 2023 Atiba Jefferson 29

Victory in the women’s championship would go to ever-improving Japanese newcomer Yumeka Oda who stole into first with the highest-scoring trick of the contest, a Kickflip Frontside Feeblegrind. A deserved victory and a new World Champion.

sora shirai sugarcane kenji haruta

Outright winner and new World Champion in the men’s division was the virtuoso Sora Shirai, who was already unbeatable by the second round of Best Trick before signing off on the entire contest with an Alley-Oop Frontside 180 Ollie to Fakie 5-0 Grind, Frontside 180 Out- which is right on the boundary of human possibility.

Tokyo witnessed genuine skateboarding magic in what has been the highest standard of skateboarding at any similar contest, anywhere in the world to date- Arigato to all involved. The World Skateboarding Tour continues: next stop, Dubai!

Womens Podium 2 finals WST Street WCH Tokyo 2023 Atiba Jefferson 3

WST Street World Championship Tokyo 2023 Women’s Results

1) Yumeka Oda

2) Rayssa Leal

3) Momiji Nishiya

mens podium street world championships tokyo 2023 bryce kanights 01

WST Street World Championship Tokyo 2023 Men’s Results

1) Sora Shirai

2) Kairi Netsuke

3) Yuto Horigome