Celebrating International Women's Day!


Let’s push things forward!

This International Women’s Day, World Skate would like to celebrate the skating sisterhood which has transformed skateboard culture worldwide- yesterday, today and into the future.

Jordyn Barratt celebrates WST Street WCH OQS Dubai Bryce Kanights 78

From our own perspective, we'd like to take the opportunity to applaud Natalia Sanchez and Veronica Trillo from the World Skate Gender Equality Commission, whose Women In Skateboarding Technical Courses have hosted 176 participants in 9 different countries so far through the support of Olympic Solidarity: Uganda, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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Through the work of our SB Coaching development programme, 4 coaches- Eva Niedielzska (Italy), Daniela Suarez (Argentina), Lea Schairer (Germany) and Melissa Williams (South Africa)- are currently participating in the international Women in Sport High-performance thanks to the support of the IOC. As part of this project, each have been assigned coaching mentors and were invited to Camp Woodward in the USA to take part in our High Performance Camp for both skateboarders and coaches alike.
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Moreover, the International Olympic Committee has also just announced a monumental achievement which is set to be achieved at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris: for the first time in Olympic history, there will be full gender parity between female and male athletes, meaning an exact 50/50 split in entrants throughout the Games for the first time ever.
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We’re also delighted to announce that for the first time on the World Skateboarding Tour, we will wrap this epic fortnight with the Women's Street final taking place after the men's as the crescendo of WST Dubai 2024. Over the last fortnight, we've welcomed 150 women competing at WST Dubai- each one pushing boundaries, creating history and writing new chapters of empowerment and inspiration. 

On March 8th, International Women's Day, we hope that every World Skate sport can take inspiration from these achievements working across nations and communities, and that skateboarding can act as an example for the entire World Skate sporting environment.

Today and every day, we urge you all to keep chasing your dreams.