WSG Argentina: France and Italy win Gold in the Team Cross


Amazing competitions in San Juan with the Team Cross race!

Italy wins the Gold medal with Alice Delfino and Francesca Conzi, followed by France with Maeliss Conan and Machilde Monneron; third place for the Host country thanks to Sol Garbajal Gutierrez and Natali Rolon.

In the men competition, France got the Gold - Jules Favre Mercurret and Florian Petitcollin; Silver goes to Italy with Luca Borromeo and Matteo Pallazzo; Bronze to Cristobal Urbina and Mario Bravo from Argentina.

france men winner

Team Cross Women
Oro - Alice Delfino/Francesca Conzi - ITA
Argento - Maeliss Conan/Machilde Monneron - FRA
Bronzo - Sol Garbajal Gutierrez/Natali Rolon - ARG

maschi team cross podio

Team Cross Men
Oro - Jules Favre Mercurret/Florian Petitcollin - FRA
Argento - Luca Borromeo/Matteo Pallazzo - ITA
Bronzo - Cristobal Urbina/Mario Bravo - CHI

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