First leg of the 2013 IIDA World Cup in Villa d’Asti Italy

Inline Downhill
The results of the first leg of the World Cup


This past weekend saw the first leg of the 2013 IIDA world cup in Villa d’Asti Italy. 22 men and 2 woman from across europe battled it out for the first title of the season.


The end of the weekend saw the Austrian legend that is Daniel Ladurner topping the charts in both mens time trial and inline cross. In the mens time trial Italian Angelo Vecchi came in second with Davide Tacchini a very respectable third. The mens inline cross saw fellow Italian Angelo Vecchi take second place and Andrea Ferrucci in third.


The womans time trial had Italy's own Valentina Liguori on the top step with Annalena Rettenberger from Germany standing next to her in second.


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