World Skate
World Skate


With Roller Way can draw outdoor sports and highlight: duration, distance, speed, calories, set the application to pause automatically when you are not moving, turn on the countdown (to start when you are really ready), share your location and see who is doing the same sport in the area and receive notifications when there are "friends" nearby and share activity on Facebook or Twitter.


iRoller makes sessions and roller skating fun. The app shows a detailed map of where it is safe to skate in line all over the world, you can record your session and iRoller provides statistics on activity and calculates how many calories have been burned.

RollerSkating 3D

Roller Skating 3D Free is a game of entertainment for all ages, allows unlimited fun to be able to make things simple but also complex tricks. It is possible to be associated with one of four 3d animated skaters to collect the various gadgets. There are different environments including theme parks.

LA Skater

LA Skater is an addictive entertainment game of street skating.

A Roller Derby Candy Dash

A Roller Derby Candy Dash is made ​​of a downhill speed competition! In Roller Derby Candy Dash, you play as a pro skater. The game offers a cheerful and attractive graphics and amazing tricks. The App allows you to challenge your friends, collect coins and unlock various characters performing impressive tricks and scoring extra point

Roller Skating & Blading

Show these street crews who's really king of the rails! Pull out your best tricks and grind the bars for as long as you can and set a new street record! Rep is everything. Don't let yourself down!

Roller Skate Roy

Roller Skate Roy is a fun app with which you can play the role of "Roy", a supercool character who loves to skate. Roy can play on 100 unique paths to reach his ultimate goal.

Extreme Roller Skater 3D

Roller Skate Extreme 3D is an addictive game of speed set in the middle of traffic.

Panda on Roller Blades

The protagonist of Panda on Rollerblades is a fun band that is escaping from the Bronx Zoo.You need to help the panda to avoid the obstacles and get to his house. You can also customize the appearance of the panda.

Extreme Skating Madness

The objective of Extreme Skating Madness is to get as many coins along the way by road skateboard. Each level gets harder and harder, you have to take more and more coins in order to get the three final stars.

A Skatting maniac

The protagonist of A Maniac Skating challenges the New York traffic with skateboarding. The streets of New York are getting busier and skateboarding is the fastest way to cross traffic.

Roof-Top Skater

Roof-Top Skater allows you to challenge the thrill ... jumping from rooftop to rooftop with a skateboard.