Theory and techniques in the second day of the WS seminars

World Skate
World Skate

Another busy day for the 250 delegates in Rome, with the first sessions starting early in the morning and finishing in the late afternoon. "So many interesting lessons and you would like to follow all of them and to be in two different rooms in the meantime": the delegates are apreciating so much the topics introduced and the different points of view proposed that many of them use to switch from a lesson to another even if they belong to a different seminar. In the late afternoon, the Speed skating judges applying as International judges took both oral and video analysis exams.

Andrea Fonzari, Member of World Skate Inline Hockey Technical Commission, said: "An early evaluation could be based only on the first data: 19 countries from 4 continents are attending the seminars and we feel quite pleased with this response from our world. This is the first time ever we organize international seminars for inline hockey coaches and referees and it's really exciting to see so many of them here in Rome. We are also satisfied with the quality of the lessons: the speakers involved here, they really care of the inline hockey movement in a can-do-attitude that will be the foundation of the World Skate Academy. Here in Rome, I really feel the project starting to take shape. You don't need to be an optimist to see a brilliant future for the movement."