Let's build our future together: closing remarks on the seminars in Rome

World Skate
World Skate

The delegates just left Rome and it's time to wrap up our thoughts about this experience. For the inline speed skating it has been a confirmation after the very first seminar three years ago: the past seminar was amazing in Nanjing and the enthusiatic comments we heard in these days confirm the importance to have this contest. It was the first time for the inline hockey movement and, following the positive feedbacks we received, it has been so remarkable that many of them are looking forward to share at home what they experienced here in Rome.

It has been a fully and demanding schedule in three long days of workshops, lessons and exams but we are confident that all the coaches, judges and referees could feel they are part of a worldwide developing movement.

World Skate President Sabatino Aracu said: "I hope that going back home, you will bring with you a new expertise that will make you true ambassadors of this sport: We need to build the future of our world, all together, and to do it we need the courage to change our world. We need to go back to the roads, where we belong, and to strenghten our urban soul. We need to be adaptive to survive to the quick changes of the world in which we live."

Special thanks go to all the speakers who shared with us their passion and know how. And of course to all of you, so dedicated to our sport and coming from all over the world to attend the seminars.

Thank you