World Games 2022 Birmingham - Alabama: how to follow

World Skate
World Skate

With less than 9 hours to the officcial kick off, the countdown to the World Games in Birmingham is running fast. Three World Skate sports will be part of the programme in Birmingham: Inline speed skating, inline hockey and artistic. 

Inline speed skating will be on the scene at the Powell Steam Plant since 8th to 9th with the track competitions and then it will move to the road circuit until 11th. Quite simultaneously the Harris Arena will host inline hockey, since 8th to 12th. Artistic competitions are going to close the World Games back to the Harris Arena from 16th to 17th.

HOW TO WATCH! - to be updated

Olympic Channel and World Skate Tv will live stream some of the competition. In the following countries the live stream won't be available, due to broadcasters agreement: Poland, France and Overseas territories (Drom Pom Com), Andorra, Monaco, Mauritius, Taiwan,Thailand, Spain, Hungary, Japan, Czech Republic, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, China, Israel. The good news is that, if your country is listed above, you should be able to watch it on National broadcasters.

Inline speed Skating - commentary with John Burgess

8 July
Session 1 Track - 14:40 UTC
Session 2 Track - 17:40 UTC
Session 3 Track - 22:10 UTC

9 July
Elimination Race Track - 16:05 UTC
Point Elimination Race Track - 21:55 UTC

10 July
10,000m Point Road - 16:00 UTC
100mt Road - 16:40 UTC
15,000m Elimination Road - 23:10 UTC

Inline Hockey - Commentary with Chris Sharples and Rory Jiwani

11 July
Semi finals - 21:40 UTC

12 July
Finals - 20:55 UTC


Inline Speed Skating Track
Inline Speed Skating Road
Inline Hockey
Artistic Skating

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