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Materials officially approved by FIRS

Vesmaco is in the International field as expert and qualified producer of paintings and covering using acrylic synthetic resins, to make public and sporting areas. Moreover is a company skilled in varnishing and covering systems based on acrylic, epidoxic, polyurethane and metacrylic bicomponents.

During its forty years' experience it has obtained several patents and homologations. Among all of them, a particular space is reserved to the innovative flooring system for the practice of speedand artistic roller skating at competitive level realized under supervision of Vesmaco in accordance with the characteristics agreed with FIRS.

durflex® 101 sp roller

This flooring system is compound of an initial complementary element: a support in bituminous conglomerate with specific grain size dimension. This particular asphalt support together with the special coating durflex® 101 sp roller gives life to a sensitive reduction of the physical effort, consequent comfort in the use and low traumatic impact degree.

This cycle/system, durflex® 101 sp roller professional, that has been conceived, studied and realized by VESMACO, has first been introduced to the world on the occasion of the Inline Speed Skating World Championships in L'Aquila (ITALY) in 2004. It obtained a very big success among all the athletes of the 40 participating Nations and soon after that event VESMACO began to receive an always growing demand of a track "like the one of L'Aquila".

The reasons of the great success obtained by this flooring system that has dramatically changed the concept of speed and artistic roller skating onto concrete are the high comfort of use, the absence of connection joints, the high degree of adherence (that is impossible onto concrete) and the high flow degree tested during the event. As a proof of this, many world records have been beat and many personal records have been improved.

Such unique and basic characteristics are the result of a long story of research and experimentation and allowed the athletes to express themselves at their best and run safe thanks to the excellent degree of antiskid that sensitively reduced the risk of fall.

Then, the system has been put under observation for 3 years, and after practical and constant tests during several races, Federal Technicians assigned to the job of control had noticed that those characteristics of adherence and flow were unvaried. Those same results also were confirmed by the athletes.

Since the above characteristics have to be considered as essential under a competitive and safety point of view, the FIRS (Federation Internationale de Roller Sports) has officially homologated the cycle/system durflex® 101 sp roller professional and has suggested the use of it for all new constructions and for the transformation of the old ones for the requalification of skating surfaces with high competitive level and for uniformity of functional worldwide characteristics.

Durflex 101 Roller Professionale surface approved by FIRS, stood the practicality test on wet surface, February 2008 and under pouring rain , April 2008 - San Miniato Basso Facility - Pisa,  speed track mt. 200.

durflex® 100 sp roller professional

The Federation Internationale de Roller Sports once remarked:

- the need of a higher use of roller skating surfaces on concrete base that are already existent in the world;

- the conversions of roller skating tracks/floor ( speed, artistic and hockey) from concrete to specific resinous systems that have been made till now;

- the excellent results about the high degree of adherence, in accordance with the new safety parameters, recommended by this Federation and required by the current rules in every country

and, after having successfully passed several tests about durability and maintaining of the initial characteristics (tests on the facility in San Benedetto del Tronto – Italy in October 2008),


durflex® 100 sp roller professional

Vesmaco resinous cycle/system, designed for the transformation from concrete to resinous floors, for qualified roller skating activities regulated by this Federation, such as speed, artistic and hockey


all Sports National Federations and affiliated Societies to use durflex® 100 sp roller professional system for all roller skating events, any competitive level, putting into effects the Federation engagement for the adoption of standards for athletes safety.