A new brand identity: Welcome to World Skate!


Dear Friends,

We are finally ready to welcome this newer, more dynamic and young Federation: World Skate!

Last September in Nanjing (China), the Congress has approved what I think is the bravest change in the history of our International Federation: it is not just a change of name, it is the conscious demonstration that we are ready to establish a managerial and forward thinking sports movement where institutions and grass-roots organizations can cooperate for the best development possible.

It is a great challenge indeed, and we are ready to take it!

WS Logo Positive Horz

What you see is the product of months of team work set up to identify a name, a symbol, a logo able to convey the challenge of a Federation that is ready to give its all to create a young world for young people.

World Skate: a simple, direct and clear brand that undoubtedly can express our mission. Starting from the wheel, we wanted to put emphasis on movement rather than on the object, on the sense of freedom and the speed of our disciplines. The colours green and grey reference our eco-friendly and urban calling, highlighted also by an energetic and exciting typography.

The result is a brand that definitely represents our generational target.

During the next hours, all the Federations affiliated to World Skate will receive the Brand Guide containing all the guidelines for using the new brand, so that we can all work for the promotion of the new logo and the new concept on which it is based.

I am sure you will play an active role in this change too!

A hug,

Sabatino Aracu

World Skate President