World Skate Academy wraps up a 2023 of high-level formation


Through 2023, the World Skate Academy successfully rallied enthusiasts from our sports disciplines into a realm of online learning and an outstanding in-person seminar. The mission of the Academy, an ambitious project led by Worldskate, focuses on the training and growth of athletes, judges, technicians, and coaches, making this opportunity globally accessible.


With a total of 5,553 participants, the Academy touched various spheres of roller sports in 2023, covering Skateboarding (877 participants), Artistic (2,142 participants), Speed (275 participants), and Rink Hockey (117 participants). A total of 52 courses, with 27 in English and 25 in Spanish, ensured an inclusive linguistic approach. It's noteworthy that 14 coaches and 2 Ukrainian judges participated for free, contributing to expanding the international reach of the Academy.


The most significant event was the International Artistic Seminar in Venice, held on November 17 and 18. Bringing together participants from 23 nations, the seminar offered fundamental lessons on the new 2024 rules and provided clarity on various aspects of artistic skating, including Free Skating, Pairs, Dance, Precision, Quartet, and Show. Three renowned choreographers led sessions on the art of movement and choreography, broadening the participants' perspective.


On the technical side, the legendary Sara Locandro hosted a roundtable on Free Skating, offering a detailed analysis of the elements. Lorenza Residori led the section on compulsory dance, introducing new dances and reviewing those for the 2024 season. The seminar provided a unique platform for interactive learning and discussion.


Following the seminar, the World Skate Athletes Camp took place in Spinea from November 19 to 26, aiming to enhance athletes overall. With the participation of nearly 220 athletes from 20 different countries, the camp offered in-depth training programs for free skating and dance, including technical lessons, video analysis, and off-skate training.


Eight prestigious coaches, two choreographers, and nine external experts contributed to creating a comprehensive learning experience. The enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by the participants are a testament to the success of this unique event.


The World Skate Academy's 2023 initiative is a noble endeavor, fostering global collaboration and education in roller sports. With over 5,500 participants from diverse backgrounds, the Academy's commitment to inclusivity, language diversity, and free access for coaches and judges is commendable. The International Artistic Seminar in Venice and the World Skate Athletes Camp exemplify a holistic approach to skill development. Beyond tangible benefits, the initiative's nobility lies in promoting sportsmanship, collaboration, and a sense of community. In a world where sports unify, the Academy's 2023 efforts illuminate a path toward a future where roller sports thrive as a symbol of unity and excellence.