The Colombian speedskater Jhoana Viveros secures the title of second Best World Athlete of the year for the World Games 2022


The long-distance speed skater Jhoana Viveros has risen to a victorious pinnacle in the athletic world, clinching the title of the second Best World Athlete at the World Games 2022.


“I was taken aback, I didn't immediately realize the importance of having won the title of second best athlete at the World Games, I feel very happy.

I want to thank everyone who allowed this result, my coaches who were close to me and always advised me in the best way, and also all those who somehow reached out at the beginning of my career.

A special thanks to my mother.”


The World Games, renowned for hosting a diverse group of sports not featured in the Olympics, witnessed a historic milestone not only for Viveros but also for roller sports athletes,

as it is the first time that the discipline reaches such a recognition.

“There’s a lot of work behind, a strong commitment: it all started with the childhood dream of pursuing a skating career and then it grew.

The truth is that perseverance, patience and love for what you do are the main factors behind sporting success."


Viveros’s journey was paved with remarkable accomplishments, as she recently won the Marathon during the Speed World Championships in Italy, showcasing exceptional skill and dedication,

on top of her 4 gold medals in the World Games 2022.


Around the corner are the World Skate Games 2024, an international multi-sport event that takes place every two years and brings together all roller sports in the same place, real Olympics for the roller sports.


“I hope to participate in the World Skate Games which will take place in Italy next year and to be able to experience the emotion of the world championships.


We are looking forward to the new official calendar to be released for the preparation of the next events, the closest objective for now will be the National Games in Colombia.”


Congratulations to this incredible athlete on this remarkable accomplishment!