Inline Speed Skating Worlds: second day competition


Also the second day in Heerde saw great competitions in a warm late afternoon and a large audience crowded the venue to watch the races.
Following the schedule and absolutely on time, the Senior Women stroke up the band with one of the most strategic competition in the programme: the 10.000 mt Points/Elimination. Francesca Lollobrigida, from Italy, was the defending champion and, once again, her main rivals were the two Colombian champions, Fabriana Arias and Johana Viveros. But also Sandrine Tas, Mareike Thum and Dan Guo can be dangerous opponents in the run for the gold medal. The race was really fought: Lollobrigida seemed to rule the competition when, at 20 laps to go, Arias and Viveros put in action the team strategy that so many medals gained to Colombia. At 10 laps to go, Arias got already 3 points advantage over Lollobrigida.
Lollobrigida tried to earn as points as possible since the very begininning but it was not enough against Arias' steadfastness; bronze medal went to Viveros with one point more than Sandrine Thus.

  • Gold - Fabriana Arias - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Francesca Lollobrigida - ITALY
  • Bronze - Johana Viveros - COLOMBIA

If possible, the Senior Men have been even more spectacular in the following race. Peter Michael, the first to get points, pushed since the very beginning but soon Bart Swings broke away from the group and scored the following three finish lines. The Colombians shortened the distance and Alex Cujavante took the lead whilst, in the meantime, Daniel Niero came back and got his first points.
Less than half race was already done when Santiago Roumec jerked forward and scored 6 point in a row - 2 for each finish line he got past first - completely changing the assets of the competition and re-opening the games.
Swings intensified the rythm and the speed trying to take the distance from Cujavantes who did not give up and got the lead, turning the situation around. In the last elimination, it was Peter Michael the one who had to leave the track loosing all what he tried to build during the race and, consequentely, the chance to run for the podium.
In a breathtaking last lap Daniel Niero successfully tried the final rush and achieved the Bronze medal ahead of Roumec; Silver medal for Bart Swings and Alex Cujavante celebrated the second Gold medal of these Worlds.

  • Gold - Alex Cujavante - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Bart Swings - BELGIUM
  • Bronze - Daniel Niero - ITALY

After the Award Ceremonies, it was the turn of the short distances. In the Junior categories, the 1.000 mt sprint contributes to create the final ranking and the qualification for the Youth Olympic Games that will be held in Buenos Aires in October. Tomorrow, after the 5.000mt Elimination, it will be compiled the list of the 24 athletes that will fly to Argentina to represent their country in the Games.

1.000mt Sprint Junior Ladies

  • Gold - Gabriela Rueda - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Giorgia Valanzano - ITALY
  • Bronze - Yerim Lee - KOREA

1.000mt Sprint Junior Men

  • Gold - Jongjin Cheon - KOREA
  • Silver - Jan Mende - GERMANY
  • Bronze - Vincenzo Maiorca - ITALY

The senior categories closed the day with the 500mt+D race.
An Yiseul's double false start made life easier for the other three girls on the starting line: all of them were sure to reach the podium. But it did not make the competitions less amazing and tough.

  • Gold - Vanessa Herzog - Austria
  • Silver - Javiera Vargas - CHILE
  • Bronze - Geiny Pajaro - COLOMBIA

In the men competition, it was Jinyoung Kim to cross twice the line and to leave the track.

  • Gold - Pedro Causil - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Edwin Estrada - COLOMBIA
  • Bronze - Elton De Souza - FRANCE

Tomorrow the live streaming will start at 6.30 pm: Follow the competitions live on World Skate TV

The podcast of the finals and semifinals are available here

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Pics Credits: Luis Ramirez