Inline Speed Skating Worlds: Colombia is the 2018 Queen of the Track


With 10 Gold Medals, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze, Colombia rules on the track; South Korea is second and France third. Netherlands won the first medals in the 2018 worlds. The 5.000mt Elimination and the 3.000mt Relays closed the third day on the track with tough and fought races.

The 5.000mt Elimination, together with the 500mt+D and the 1.000mt, decides the ranking for the Olympic qualification to the YOG 2018 in Buenos Aires: so the expectations were very high for a race that combines strategy and ability to manage the competition in all the laps. In order to reach the podium you should be able, at the meantime, to stay in the leading half of the group preserving stamina for the sprints. From this point of view, Allison Correa Muneton and Gabriela Rueda skated the perfect race with a great team support: they always managed to keep the second and third position without affecting their energy. Giorgia Valanzano, Italy, tried the final sprint but, on the finish line opposite straight, the two Colombians lengthened their stride and there was nothing left to do.

5.000mt Elimination Junior Ladies
Gold - Allison Correa Muneton - COLOMBIA
Silver - Gabriela Rueda - COLOMBIA
Bronze - Giorgia Valanzano - ITALY

In the Junior Men race, after only 4 laps there was a crash involvig a few athletes and the competition became even more tough: the chance to compete for the Olympic medal was around the corner and the guys felt the pressure.

5.000mt Elimination Junior Men
Gold - Seongmin An - SOUTH KOREA
Silver - Inho Choi - SOUTH KOREA
Bronze - Merjin Scheperkamp - NETHERLANDS

After the Award Ceremony, the 3.000mt relays were on the scene. For the Junior Ladies, we had on the starting line: Colombia, Italy, Ecuador, Chinese Taipei, South Korea and France. Colombia managed to lead the first laps but at half the competition the Koreans pushed and outrun. At 4 laps to go, Chinese Taipei gained on the leading group and reached the head closely followed by Colombia and South Korea.

3.000mt Relay Junior Women

On the starting line for the Junior Men: France, Netherlands, USA, South Korea, Czech Republic and Chinese Taipei. The first half of the race was all about checking the opponents' resources. France was the first to try the sprint and to leave the others behind, but Korea and Netherlands did not give up and kept the distances short. In the last lap, Korea took the lead and run towards the Gold medal; France got the Silver; Netherlands was close to second podium of the day even though at the lowest step, when USA tried to win the Bronze with a last sprint and a split, but it was an unsuccesful attempt and the Orange kept the position.

3.000mt Relay Junior Men
Silver - FRANCE

On the starting line for the Senior Women: Colombia, Belgium, South Korea, Chile, Germany and Chinese Taipei. Soon after the start, Arias - Colombia - risked a falt due to a touch but she was able to stand and keep on skating. In the duel between Belgium and Chile, Colombia put through followed by Chinese Taipei. At the second lap to last, Chinese Taipei and Chile felt down and had to leave the track for disqualification. Colombia flew away and South Korea can do nothing. Germany got the bronze.

3.000mt Relay Senior Women
Bronze - GERMANY

On the starting line for the Senior Men: the European Champions - Belgium, Colombia, Chile, France, Argentina and Italy, the defending World Champions. In the first laps, Belgium, Colombia and France pushed more than the others. At 10 laps to go, Italy took the lead and tried to fly away but Colombia chased in a head-to-head that helped France in coming back.

3.000mt Relay Senior Men
Bronze - ITALY

Tomorrow the teams will move to Arnhem to check and test the road circuit before the races starting on the 5th.

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Live streaming schedule - Road Circuit

July 5

17.15 – 18.45 20000m elimination JW/JM Final
18.45 – 19.15 Lap Circuit Sprint SW/SM Semifinal
19.15 – 20.30 10000m points race SW/SM Final
20.30 – 20.45 Lap Circuit Sprint SW/SM Final
20.45 – 21.45 Awards Ceremony

July 6

17.15 – 17.45 Lap Circuit Sprint JW/JM Semifinal
17.45 – 18.45 10000m points race JW/JM Final
18.45 – 19.15 Awards Ceremony
19.15 – 20.30 20000m elimination SW/SM Final
20.30 – 21.00 Lap Circuit Sprint JW/JM Final
21.00 – 22.00 Awards Ceremony

July 7

19.00 – 19.15 100m sprint JW/JM Semifinal
19.15 – 19.30 100m sprint SW/SM Semifinal
20.30 – 20.40 100m sprint JW/JM Final
20.40 – 20.50 100m sprint SW/SM Final
20.50 – 21.20 Awards Ceremony

The podcast of the finals and semifinals are available here

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Pics Credits: Luis Ramirez