Inline Speed and Freestyle Worlds 2018: Thank you Netherlands!


The final curtain went down on the 2018 edition of the Inline Speed Skating and Inline Freestyle World Championhships in Arnhem and the closing feelings can only be positive: a successful format unified speed, freestyle and side events in a urban cluster downtown Arnhem.

World Skate President Sabatino Aracu: "I would like to thank the Netherland Federation and TIGsport for the great job done. These world championships fit perfectly the core of our world, bringing the sports into the hearth of the city. And I would like to thank the athletes and the coaches: their passion and perseverance make all of us so proud to be part of this great family!"

Since Nanjing 2016, the Junior and Senior categories have been unified: the Women started at ten o clock and the Men at twelve. The 42.195mt have been divided in 7 laps from the starting line of the road circuit throught the famous Anrhem bridge of the movie "A bridge so far" and back to the road starting line.

In the women race, Ho-Chen Yang crossed the line 0.005 seconds before Francesca Lollobrigida who finished the race in 1:10:33.440. The Italian champion arrived at the final sprint together with the two Colombians Johana Viveros, desqualified for fault, and the Junior promise Maria Camila Guerra Guevara who got the Bronze in 1:10:33.602. The Chinese champion Dan Guo, crossed the line fourth.

Gold - Ho Chen Yang - CHINESE TAIPEI
Silver - Francesca Lollobrigida - ITALY
Bronze - Maria Camila Guerra Guevara - COLOMBIA

Also in the men race, a Junior guy was able to reach the podium: Jason Suttels representing Belgium won the Bronze Medal - 1:02:15.988 - behind the Ecuadorian Jorge David Bolaños Villacorte - 1:02:15.626. Felix Rijnen was the first to cross the line in 1:02:15.607.

Gold - Felix Rijhnen - GERMANY
Silver - Jorge Davide Bolaños Villacorte - ECUADOR
Bronze - Jason Sutterls - BELGIUM

The podcast of the finals and semifinals are available here
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Speed Pics Credits: Luis Ramirez

The last competitions in the Freestyle Worlds were the battle for all the categories.

Junior Women
Gold - Sofia Bogdanova - RUSSIA
Silver - Anna Smirnova - RUSSIA
Bronze - Liu Jia Xin - CHINA

Junior Men
Gold - Gleb Velikanov - RUSSIA
Silver - Gu Kun Qi - CHINA
Bronze - Zeng Chen Yu - CHINA

Senior Women
Gold - Vasilisa Petushok - BIELORUSSIA
Silver - Daria Kuznetsova  - RUSSIA
Bronze - Zoe Granjon - FRANCE

Senior Men
Gold - Zhang Hao - CHINA
Silver - Lorenzo Guslandi - ITALY
Bronze - Valerio Degli Agostini - ITALY

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