Velkumar Anandkumar won the first ever World medal for India


First day of road races at the 2021 World Championships in Ibagué. New countries made their first appearance at a world level competition such as Uganda and Congo. Such a great news for our sport meaning that it's expanding its borders and developing new opportunities for athletes around the world. Undoubtedly, history has been made! For the first time ever, India wins a medal at a World Championships in speed skating. Velkumar Anandkumar, under a pouring rain, gained the silver medal in the 15k elimination race Junior Men. What an exciting moment!

As mentioned, an heavy rain fell in Ibagué last night. The Junior Ladies elimination race was a quite difficult one with a lot of fighting. Mariana Chaparro of Colombia is the winner of the race and a very nice surprise came from Daniela Bustamente who won the first silver medal for Venezuela. Third place for Fran Vanhoutte who comfortably skated for her bronze medal.

In the Senior category, only the ladies could compete their 10k points race as heavy thunders and lightnings made the organization decide to stop, for the sake of the athletes safety. Once again, the amazing team work of Luz Karime Garzon helped Gabriela Rueda to win her first gold medal of the Championships. Venezuela seems to enjoy racing under the rain, as Angy Anabela Quintero brings home the second medal of the day for her country.

The final of the 100mt drag race Junior have been postponed to today. Let’s stay tuned for the great show!

15000 Elimination Junior Ladies

Gold Mariana Munoz Chaparro - COL
Silver Valentina Daniela Bustamante Suarez - VEN
Bronze Fran Vanhoutte - BEL

15000 Elimination Junior Men

Gold Ricardo Miguel Vega Fonseca - COL
Silver Velkumar Anandkumar - IND
Bronze Marco Lira - POR

10000 Points Senior Ladies

Gold Gabriela Rueda (20pts) - COL
Silver Luz Karime Garzon (16pts) - COL
Bronze Anabela Angy Valera Quintero (11 pts) - VEN

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