World Cup and European Championships in Villablino

Inline Slalom
Inline Slalom

The European championships in slalom and parallel-slalom 2017 in all categories, and the fourth Worldcup took place in Villablino (ESP). The organising club Leita arranged an amazing race weekend. The weather was nice, perfect conditions for an event. The race track is located in the middle of the city. It is a long track with a light curve in the middle, and a slight slope.

On Friday was the worldcup. In women´s category, Wanzke Ann-Krystina (GER) got first place. Sing Mona (GER) second and Seitz Marina (GER) third.
In men´s category, Ortel Sven (GER) took the first place. Zoerline Manuel (GER) followed him on the second place, and Losio Massimiliano (ITA) got third.

On Saturday were the European championships in parallel-slalom.
In children women´s category, Borras Sol Sona Anna (ESP) got european champion. Merk Hanna (GER) got second and Hofer Aurora (GER) third.
In children men´s category, Rabenbauer Florian (GER) took the first place. Maurer Marinus (GER) got second and Arias Sanches Gabriel (ESP) got third.
In junior women´s category, Gruber Luzia (GER) got first. Schleger Julia (GER) got second, and Gruber Magdalena (GER) third.
In junior men´s category, Doms Moritz (GER) got first, Morrera Dominguez Marc (ESP) second, and Ortel Sven (GER) third.
In active women´s category Sing Mona (GER) took the first place. Gabriela Kudelaskova (CZE) got second and Wittmann Claudia (GER) third.
In active men´s category Zvejnieks Miks (LAT) got first, followed by Walz Marco (GER). Third got Losio Massimiliano (ITA).
In master men´s category Fernandez Bretal Diego (ESP) got first. Ambros Dusan (SVK) got second and Topolski Bugoslav (POL) got third.

On Sunday were the European championships in slalom.
In children women´s category Merk Hanna (GER) took the first place. Hübert Julia (GER) got second and Durst Laura (GER) got third.
In children men´s category Rabenbauer Florian (GER) got european champion. Maurer Marinus (GER) got second and Arias Sanches Gabriel (ESP) got third.
In junior women´s category Boersig Elea (GER) got first. Gruber Magdalena (GER) got second, and Schmid Lisa (GER) got third.
In junior men´s category Doms moritz (GER) got first place. Wlcek Manuel (GER) got second and Waibl Moritz (GER) got third.
In active women´s category Wanzke Ann-Krystina (GER) got first, followed by Mona Sing (GER). Third got Seitz Marina (GER).
In active men´s category Zörlein Manuel (GER) took the first place. Losio Massimiliano (ITA) got second and Bertsch Jörg (GER) got third.
In master men´s category Topolski Bogoslav (POL) got first. Fernandez Bretal Diego (ESP) got second, and Prochazka Tomas (CZE) got third.

The next race events are the World Rollergames in Nanjing (China). On Firs-TV will be an internet livestream so you can follow the races live. The final worldcup is going to be in Nemcicky (CZE).

Picture by Martina Schleger
Article written by Maximilian Schoedlbauer