WRG2017 Inline Alpine: team competitions on the run

Inline Slalom
Inline Slalom

It has been a very challenging competition for all Teams. Gladly, today the weather conditions were much better than the days before. The surface of the track was completely dry during both runs. (Photo credits and news: Jana Borsig)

The German team won the gold medal. Members of the team were:
Claudia Wittmann
Manuela Schmohl
Marco Walz
Sven Ortel

The team from Czech Republic got the 2nd place. The team consisted of:
Gabriela Kudelaskova
Barbora Prochazkova
Jan Möller
Alexandr Adam

Spain won the bronze medal. The team members were:
Marta Egeria Garcia Amigo
Nuria Requejo Garcia
Sergio Mendez Perez
Marc Morera Dominguez

Today's race was the final race for inline alpine. Looking back all alpine competitions were held very successfully.

Congratulations to all athletes and thank you to all volunteers and supportive staff.

Here pics&results