WRG2017 Alpine: first runs today in Nanjing

Inline Slalom
Inline Slalom

Today the World Roller Games in slalom took place in the Jubaoshan Sports park. The race track contained very steep as well as very flat parts. In summary the track was quiet challenging for the athletes. (Photo and News Credits: Jana Borsig)

The first run has been built by the Spanish trainers. The second one by the trainer from Czech Republic.
In the women's category Mona Sing (Germany) could cope best with the conditions. With only a very slight difference of 0.01 seconds Claudia Wittmann (Germany) got the 2nd place. Manuela Schmohl (Germany) got the bronze medal.

In the men's category Kristaps Zvejnieks (Latvia) won the gold medal after two ambitious runs. Marco Walz from Germany followed him on the 2nd place. His team colleague Sven Ortel (Germany) got the bronze medal.

Tomorrow another exciting race is going to take place: the World Roller Games in Giant Slalom.

Here pics&results