Alpine Worldcup - Pieve Vergonte (ITA)

Inline Slalom
Inline Slalom

Two weeks back the 4th Worldcup of the season as well as a World Ranking race took place in Pieve Vergonte, Italy. The track started with a little slope (about 6 to 7%), followed by a steeper slope (8 to 9%) which gave the competitors speed. After that the slope decreased again. 

During the first run of the World Ranking race (Saturday) the street was dry but unfortunatly rain started before the second run. Luckily, the weather on Sunday was better. Hence, both runs of the World Cup could take place without any problems due to rain. In the womens´ category Manuela Schmohl (GER) reached the 1st place followed by Claudia Wittmann (GER) and Mona Sing (GER). In the mens´ category Marco Walz (GER) won the race. Kristaps Zvejnieks (LAT) had the second best time followed by Massimiliano Losio (ITA) on the 3rd place.
The next and last event of the season will be the second part of the world championships (GS & Team) in Villablino, Spain, from 12th to 14th August.
Also the final World Cup will take place in Villablino, which will decide the winner of the World Cup in this head on head race.

Article written by Maximilian Schödlbauer