Inline Slalom Final World Cup Race in Oviedo, Spain

Inline Slalom
Inline Slalom

The World Skate World Cup Series 2023 overall consisted of six World Cup Races in different countries (e.g., Latvia, Slovenia, Germany).
On September 17th, the very last race of the series took place on one of the most famous
race tracks for Inline Slalom in Oviedo (Spain).
The race track, located in the city center of Oviedo, started with a spectacular ramp that gave the athletes extra speed.

In particular the 2nd and therefore final run attracted several hundred of spectators who filled  any available space next to the race track.

The top three most successful female and male athletes came from three countries: Germany (4), Spain (1) and Italy (1).
For the gold medal winners Lisa Schmid (National Team Germany) and Sergio Mendez Perez (National Team Spain) the World Cup Finals were particularly exciting as both won their first World Cup Gold Medal.

Many congratulations to the top three in the final World Cup race:

Gold: Lisa Schmid (GER)
Silver: Manuela Schmohl (GER)
Bronze: Mona Heller (GER)

Gold: Sergio Mendez Perez (ESP)
Silver: Noah Sing (GER)
Bronze: Mattia Pe (ITA)

Overall World Cup Ranking 2023

When looking at the overall World Cup ranking by adding up all the points for the 2023 season, German athletes clearly dominated as all top three positions were held by a member of the German national team.
Many congratulations to the top three athletes which the overall best results during the whole season:

Mona Heller (GER): 480 points
Elea Boersig (GER): 425 points
Manuela Schmohl (GER): 400 points

Joerg Bertsch (GER): 460 points
Noah Sing (GER): 340 points
Maximilian Löw (GER): 256 points