Skateboarding Open Street & Park Lima 2020 - to be held on April 5-11


In April, Lima (PER) will host the World Skate Open Lima 2020: a huge event including the Skateboarding Open Street & Park.

The skateboarding contest is a qualifying event for Tokyo 2020 and will inaugurate the park 2020 season. With the cancellation/rescheduling of multiple events since the beginning of the new year, due to both Australian bushfires and the spread of Novel Coronavirus, the Lima Open will be the first chance for park skateboarders to earn Olympic qualification points this year and the spotlight will be in Peru on the Costa Verde Skatepark. The event will take place from April 5th to the 11th and beyond being sanctioned as a 5 Star event for Street and Park Skateboarding, the Lima Open will also be sanctioned as the Pan-American Continental Championship of Street. Skateboarders from the American continent, competing in Street will receive both 5 Star and Continental Championship WSR points. With so many Olympic Qualification points at stake, the forecasted attendance is quite high.

Logistic and registration info can be found HERE

Lima has recently been listed by the New York Times as one of the 52 “places-to-go-in-2020” thanks not only to the extraordinary food you will have the opportunity to eat there, but also because it’s a historic and cultural capital full of wonderful museums and mansions.

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See you in Lima!