Skateboard Judging Education YouTube Channel announcement

World Skate are once again pleased to present a new, permanent rolling asset in our inventory to help aspiring judges, athletes, expert audiences, and National Federations (NF) / National Governing Bodies (NGB) support staff  better understand how skateboard judging is both currently conducted and evolving in our Olympic sport.


The World Skate SB Judging Education Youtube channel launched recently (subscribe, is our advice!) with over 180 videos both breaking down fundamentals and also analysing individual WST scores through trick ledgers and run-throughs.

Margie Didal portrait womens Qualifiers WST Street WCH Tokyo 2023 Kenji Haruta

Every subsequent event will be added to the ongoing series of event-dedicated playlists to create a permanent record of judging conduct at each World Skate event. In so doing it is our intention to create a new depth of both understanding and transparency with regards to the skateboard judging process as applied to World Skate events, as well as a portal through which to begin becoming a judge yourself, should you so desire.

Shane Oneill checking score semi finals WorldSkate WST Street RomePark 2023 Jake Darwen 26

 You can find the following video materials among the public playlists of the WSK Judging Education channel:

  • The fundamentals of skateboard Judging online course - all 5 episodes 
  • Performance and Trick ledgers from all  Phase 1 events in both disciplines: 
    • Street - 6 events
    • Park  -  4 events
  • WSK Competition Rules and Judging Criteria Applied educational videos - both disciplines 
  • WSK Judging Event Recaps - Dubai 

Heili Sirvio cheers WorldSkate WST Park Ostia Rome 2023 Bryce Kanights 17

Our channel represents a library dedicated to educating aspiring judges, athletes and their supporting NGB staff on the general methods and techniques of skateboard judging and how it has been practically applied and conducted on our past events. 

Winners 16x9 WST Street WCH OQS Dubai Bryce Kanights

We hope you find this pioneering endeavour useful, and as ever anyone with questions or suggestions can always reach us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.