Vert Skateboarding back to the World Roller Games - Debut for Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge

After its debut in Nanjing 2014 with an amazing World Championship during the first edition of the World Roller Games, Vert skateboarding is going to double in Barcellona on next July.

The best Vertical skaters of the globe will flock to Barcelona for an exciting event that will take place on 5-6 of July at the Explanada Olimpica close to the Olympic Park located in the hill of Montjuïc. The Prize money of 40.000 USD will be equally split between male and female.

Country Quota
Skaters will be able to register through their National Federation with a country quota of three male and three female. A number of wild cards will be allocated by World Skate to guarantee universality of participation and to notch up the quality of the event.

Two more disciplines will debut in Barcelona this year: Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge.

The Skateboarding Downhill - July 6 to 7 - and Street Luge - July 5 to 7 - World Championships 2019 will be held on a circuit of 2200 meters (1.37 miles) in the historic mountain of Montjuìc. It will be a circuit of great difficulty, with all the necessary security measures applied.

Country Quota
Skaters may register through their National Federation.
Downhill Skateboarding: Six male and six female skaters per National Federation
Street Luge: Three riders per National Federation