WRG 2019 - Women Vert Skateboarding Finals

At the World Roller Games in Barcelona 2019 we have seen the best female Vert skateboarders in the World but, the judges had to evaluate:  Who is really the best? In order to find out, the Riders pushed they own limits a bit further from run to run during the finals. The judges could witness a more than exciting final: 540s, Airs, Liptricks and Inverts are just a few gnarly tricks we can name. At the end Skate-Legend Lindsey Pastranas (USA) took the Gold Medal home, while Ruby Trew (AUS) who was blasting 540s like easy got second. Determination, Style and a nice variety of Tricks like BS Caballerials and Invertsbrought Lilly Stephasius (GER) a more than respectable third place. 

Gary Ream, Chairman of World Skate Skateboard Commission, was handing out the Medals and had the special honor to congratulate every medalist for their efforts and their extraordinary performance.  

Full result

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Photo Credits: Piero Capannini