Park Skateboarding: Sao Paulo ready to host the 2019 World Championship


World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship supported by STU is the biggest and most important park event of the year, adding valuable points for the qualifying ranking for the Olympic Games.

The event will take place in São Paulo from September 9th to 15th, gathering the 200 best ranked skateboarders of the world in both Men and Women competitions.

World Skate, CBSKATE, OI and STU are the hosts of this huge event and you are our guests. Besides all competitions, there'll be music gigs, urban art and urban culture exhibits, food trucks, and lots more.

The best skaters in the world in São Paulo, searching for a spot in the Olympics... It'll be a blast!

Stay tuned for World Skate, STU and CBSk networks so you don't miss a thing!

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