Artistic Roller Skating International Seminar - January, 18 - 21 in Rome


Rome is ready to host the very first international seminar organized by the World Skate: 296 coaches and 120 judges from all over the world will reach the Italian capital for the artistic roller skatng 4-days seminar.

Everything is ready for the event that will confirm and launch the discipline renewal: after 5 years of hard work, the new RollArt scoring system will be made official and will be in effect starting from 2019. The seminar will also give the opportunity to select the first Technical Specialists ever: it is a new role in the future artistic judging panel.

Nicola Genchi, ATC Chairman, said that:"The seminar will make the new regulations official and will clarify both the Rollart system and its rules. There will be also the opportunity to attend workshops about the technical, organising and entertaining aspects of our sport and I am confident that it will be an important moment to we can all share in our path towards the future".