Day three: Argentina got chills. Italy still leads


Today's competition featured the Sincro groups at the World Artistic Skating Championships in France. The two teams from Argentina placed first and second. Italy closes the standings with a bronze. Argentina, Italy, Germany and Chinese Taipei got on the rink. Standing ovation for the South American Millennium team from Argentina who has cracked the competition. In a festive atmosphere, which involved the public, the Millennium athletes managed to get on the highest step of the podium despite the penalty due to a fall. On the Vendéspace track, at the Parc de Beaupuy in Mouilleron-Le-Captif, the team "Roller Dreams" got the silver medal. The exhibition, reproducing the famous film Grease with flamboyant fluo dresses, has been able to catalyze the attention with its energy and colors. Italy got on the podium with the Sincro Roller Calderara team. “Azzurri” impressed the jury and the audience with a program called "Skeletons". Big party with selfies and cheers on the track among athletes and their friends.

Competition will restart tomorrow at 1.40 pm with juniors Solo Dance style competitions. solo Dance groups will take the place at 5.55 pm.

2018 Artistic Skating World Championships are broadcasted live streaming on World Skate TV. Minute-to-minute updates are available on the official World Skate Facebook Page. Click here for more info.

Credits to Raniero Corbelletti