Day seven: Tarlazzi again, Spain on top of the World


Rebecca Tarlazzi confirms herself as Junior Ladies World Champion. Pau Garcia Domec from Spain is the new Junior Mens World Champion. The Spanish skater overrides the former World Champion Alessandro Liberatore (Italy), who got the silver medal.

SENIOR LADIES. Provisional “hat trick” for the Italian girls, indeed they are currently leading the ranking as follows: Silvia Nemesio, Letizia Ghiroldi and Silvia Lambruschi. Right after them we find the insidious Letizia Ghiroldi from Argentina and Carla Escrich Sole (Spain). Senior Ladies, from the eleventh place, will get back on the rink on Thursday and we have to wait until Friday at 3.40 pm to watch the Senior Ladies Top 10. 

JUNIORS. Top 10 athletes competed today with their long programs. Pau Garcia Domec (Spain) earned a gold medal around his neck, while Alessandro Liberatore from Italy got himself on the second step of the podium in spite of his first place on yesterday provisional ranking. Edgar Waterbor from Argentina completes the podium on the third position. In Ladies category Rebecca Tarlazzi got herself in front of the spotlight without dashing hopes and has been crowned as World Champion once again. Silver medal for Daria Alexandra Matei (Romania) who impressed and amused the crowd. Third position for the Brazilian skater Bruna De Castro Wurts. Only fifth position for Clarissa Bellagamba from Italy who was considered one of the best title contender.

INFO. Tomorrow on Vendéspace rink, at Beaupuy Park in Mouilleron-Le-Captif, competitions will start at 11.15 am with the Senior Ladies Solo Dance Free Program starting from the eleventh place and the Senior Men Solo Dance Free Program starting from the sixth place. From 1.20 pm on, Senior Mens Short Program and from 4.40 pm Senior Dance Couple Style Dance will get on the scene and from 5.55 pm Junior Dance Couple will compete for the first time in this World Championships with their Style Dance. Beautiful end of the day with Senior Solo Dance top 10 Ladies and top 5 Mens and the awarding ceremony. 2018 Artistic Skating World Championships are broadcasted live streaming on World Skate TV. Minute-to-minute updates are available on the official World Skate Facebook Page. Click here for more info.

Credits to Raniero Corbelletti