Day eleven: down the curtain, Italy over the top


End of these intense and emotional Artistic Skating World Championships. From October 3 to October 13, about 1500 skaters coming from 32 Countries, competed on Vendéspace rink, at Beaupuy Park in Mouilleron Le Capitf. France has hosted the 35th edition of the rainbow-striped competition where Italy has confirmed its undisputed leadership with 13 gold, 13 silver and 8 bronze medals. Second position in the medal standing for Spain, followed by Usa. Next year the Artistic Skating World Championships will be part of the second edition of the World Roller Games in Barcelona (Spain).

JUNIOR AND SENIOR PAIRS. Two-thirds of the Junior Podium is “Azzurro”. Golden medal for Esposito-Rossi followed by their team mates Fiori-Mascia. United States of America ended the podium with Bullock-Becker. In Senior category standing ovation for Tarlazzi-Lucaroni. The two Italian skaters confirmed their leadership also in Pairs after their own single competitions. Still Italy on the remaining steps of the podium with Giannini-Rizzo and Genchi-Peruch.

QUARTETS. Wondeful program for Neovis quartet from Italy, ending up with gold medal. The program called “The beginning of the end” told the story of a life backwards and the reasons why it ended. Second place for the Portuguese quartet composed by only men The Project with “Boys are back”. A funny revival of the nineties, boy bands and explosive  choreographies. Bronze medal for Italy with Celebrity and its program called “Song of the wind”. The fancy Italian skaters represented in a fair way the sentence “I’ll send you a kiss in the wind and I will feel you. You will turn and you will not see me but I will be there”.

LARGE SHOW GROUPS. Spanish Groups rise from the 11 large show groups which has crowd into the rink. Cpa Olot from Spain confirmed itself as World Champion with “Without Options”, sometimes life gives you no option. Second position for their team mates Cepa Girona with “Here I am”, a program inspired to the puzzle book “Where’s Wally?”. Third place for the Italian Royal Eagles with “Un oceano di ricordi” a representation of the famous movie Titanic.

Credits to Raniero Corbelletti