A touching debut for the Artistic World Cup in Pesaro


This first day has been quite moving for the public in the Adriatic Arena as well as for the audience following the competitions live on

The Artistic Skating World Cup - Show Groups and Precision brings a new event format conceived to give a chance to compete at an international level to those groups not able to qualify for World or Continental championships: the idea is to have an international stage where groups can challenge and improve, making the movement huge and even more popular throughout the world.

Three Nations attended this "0" edition: Germany, Italy and Spain. The Hosting teams sweaped up medals and awards in the rich prize money that has been introduced in the artistic skating competitions for the first time ever.

World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu said: "The Adriatic Arena management, thanks to the close cooperation with the city of Pesaro, showed a high organizational potential and this could be the perfect stage for World Championships in the future".

The promotional categories of the Quartets and the Groups opened the dance in the earl afternoon, followed by the Precision Junior competition.

Promotional Quartets
1 Diamond - The Essence of Love - ITA
2 Heart - Sulle note di Giuseppe Verdi - ITA
3 Revolution Team - Saturday Night in the village - ITA

Promotional Groups
1 Dream Dust - Letter to Juliet - ITA
2 Neovis - Witchcraft - ITA

Precision Junior
1 Team Bluice - Tristano e Isotta - ITA
2 Junior Dream Team - Robots - GER
3 Albinea PTA Junior - The Game - ITA

After the break, the athletes skated to qualify in the categories Youth Quartets, Quartets and Precision Senior, looking forward to pass to the finals that will take place tomorrow and will be live streamed on

Qualified Youth Quartets
1 Fly Roller Diamond - Morte a Venezia - ITA
2 Sparkle Girls - Never give up - ITA
3 Fantasy - L'incessante viaggio dell'acqua - ITA
4 Starlight - Quelle come me, Alda Merini - ITA
5 Sea Stars - Dancing with sea stars - ITA

Qualified International Quartets
1 Celebrity - Song of the wind - ITA
2 Pleasure - Dove il mare luccica - ITA
3 Show Roller Team - Ode to life - ITA
4 Flying Girls - Show women - ITA
5 Flaming Skater - The match of life - ITA

Qualified Precision Senior
1 Dream Team - Battle Cry - GER
2 Sincro Roller Calderara - Skeletons - ITA
3 Revolution Syncro - Aurora Boreala - ITA
4 Precision Skating Riccione - El Ritmo De Cuba - ITA

Check here the results
Here the podcast of the competitions 

Schedule Sunday November 11th - live on
16:00 -16:30 COMPETITION Youth Quartets
16:40 - 17:10 COMPETITION Youth Groups
17:20 – 17:50 COMPETITION Quartets
17:50 – 18:00 Cleaning of the floor
18:00 – 18:45 COMPETITION Precision Senior
19:00 – 19:30 COMPETITION Small Groups
19:45 – 20:15 COMPETITION Large Groups
Award Ceremonies

Pics by Raniero Corbelletti