Orlando 2019 - Artistic Skating International Seminar: confirmed the Conference Speakers


The next Artistic International Seminar is closer and closer and we can finally introduce the speakers who will attend the Seminar to be held from 11th to 14th of January in Orlando - USA. Following the high expetactions generated by the great experience of the past edition in Rome, we are proud to confirm also for the 2019 the presence of the artistic skating "Gotha" ready to share their skills and know how with Judges, Technical Specialists and Coaches from all over the world.
We are also glad to announce that classes for all levels will be available for skaters for free skating, dance and pairs and will held by the same speakers.

Conference Speakers&Skaters Classes (no classes for Precision)
Sara Locandro - FreeSkating
Oscar Molins – FreeSkating
Paolo Colombo - FreeSkating
Lorenza Residori – Dance
Marie Gaudy – Dance
Analia Rosa – Dance
Felipe Sereno – Dance
Enrique Demata - Dance
Elmar Obermeier - Precision
Gabriela Montechiari - Precision
Cristina Pelli - Pairs
Patrick Venerucci – Pairs

Artistic Technical Commissions Members

The Canadian David Wilson is one of the most world-renowned and apreciated ice skating choreographer who created inspirational choreos for Olympic medallists since he stopped skating: the additional value of his attendance will be, of course, undeniable and limitless for the lucky participants. "I’m very much looking forward to the conference, learning about your world and seeing what I can contribute to help in your collective aspirations! I’m also honoured to be asked to speak about my work. My work is my passion and my life so it is a joy for me to share as much of this as I can."

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Here the provisional programme 

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