World Skate Academy's first steps


Orlando - USA, hosted the first World Skate International Seminar in 2019: In Orlando, it was the turn of the Artistic coaches, judges and technical specialists; Barcelona hosted, at the end of January, the Rink Hockey seminar and Rome will host the Inline Speed Skating and Inline Hockey discipline delegates on 21-23 February.

The International Artistic seminar in Orlando was the first step of the World Skate Academy that will create the first group of World Skate teachers, who will then be working with their own National Federations with the educational programs provided by World Skate.

The World Skate Academy is a challenging project covering all the disciplines managed by World SKate and it will be open to all the coaches with the will to learn, to grow and improve for the good of our sport from all the nations and countries.

World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu: "The World Skate Academy is committed to work for equal growth and opportunities for everyone, providing guidelines, assistance and technical expertise to share best practices."

It was also the opportunity to present the book by Sara Locandro "Artistic Roller Skating - Free Skating - Part 1": This is the first part of a series of manual which aims to contribute to the growth of the discipline all over the world. The text is deliberately very simple and basic because it starts from the concept: The hardest thing is to do easy things well.

Sara Locandro, Coach: "It was great to present in Orlando my book, the first ever edited by World Skate, and I'm very proud of the huge interest showed by delegates attending."

The seminar in Orlando, besides of the conferences and the Roll Art exams, introduced classes for skaters for free skating, dance and pairs and was the opportunity to meet the "Special Guest" David Wilson, Ice Choreographer: "I was very honoured to be asked to come speak of my experience in dealing with the transition to the new judging system with my work as a choreographer in figure skating. The amazing talent, passionate enthusiasm and professionalism I witness during my time in Orlando was truly inspiring and I wish you guys all the best in your future with this new judging system and the advancement of your beautiful exciting sport!"

An amazing experience for the 260 delegates and 92 skaters attending the seminar!