RollArt debuting at its first World Championship during the WRG2019


In the next WRG in Barcelona, the new judging system will make its first appearance on a world stage: RollArt, has being developed during the last 5 years starting from a sheets analysis by Nicola Genchi, now World Skate Artistic Committee Chairman.

The main goals of the project are to ensure judgements that are more objective, clearest results and improved athletes performances from the artistic point of view.

In the last two years, RollArt has been tested in competition as parallel judging system or as official system as in the German Cup and Sedmak Trophy already since the 2018 editions.

RollArt is officially in use since the beginning of 2019 already in the following events:
America’s cup;
Dance Contest - Paris;
Portugal Cup;
South American Championships
German Cup;
European Championships Precision;
Sedmak Trophy;
Many regionals and nationals championships all over the world;
And now...waiting for Roller Games!

World Skate Artistic Committee Chairman, Nicola Genchi: "In these months we have been testing not only the system but also the judges: they need to be very knowledgeable especially about the Components. It's really interesting to see how much the performances in the tracks are improving indeed: we are witnesses of such a huge job by skaters from different and unexpected countries trying to reach high levels in skating, programs and choreographies. And all of us are so excited to see what will happen in Barcelona."

Introduction to the Rollart Scoring System

The operation of the system requires an Event Manager and two panels of officials being:

  • The Technical Panel made up of three Technical Specialists, a Data Operator and an instant replay Video Operator.
  • The Judges Panel made up of a Referee and x number of Judges (up to 9).

The system is points based and its philosophy is to get the highest score possible with placings determined by the highest Total Score. Mistakes or lower quality reduces the score whereas increasing the quality of the technical elements and artistic components increases the score.

The Total Score for each skater is determined by the sum of the Technical Content Score (TC) and Artistic Impression Score (AI) minus any penalisations (PE).
TC + AI – PE = Total Score

Results are decided on the highest Total Score. The highest score is awarded first place and so on. Results are displayed on a score board or announced after each competitor. At the conclusion of the competition a PDF for each competitor detailing all the calls of technical elements, QOEs, components scores & deductions are made available. These provide specific and timely feedback to skaters and coaches, a crucial factor to improved future performance.