WRG 2019 ARTISTIC: junior inline skaters drew public attention on day 2


Here we are at the end of day 2 of the WRG 2019. Once more Figures entered the rink first with senior men and ladies. Among the men the Italian Davide Arminchiardi stood out at his first senior world championship thanks also to a great performance in the forward outside paragraph loop, the second exercise of the men’s competition. The Brazilian Felipe Augusto Werle got the silver and the German Aaron Wunder was awarded bronze. With the senior ladies the Italian team won the competition hands down thanks to its three top skaters: Chiara Trentini got the gold, Elettra Signorini the silver and Elena Donadelli the bronze.

Then inline junior ladies and men skated their long program. Concerning the ladies, the Russian Anna Semisynova confirmed the first place by performing an elegant tango. Her program was clean and fluent with no mistakes. Anna showed us a beautiful double axel and a well executed midline step sequence with deep and smoothed edges. Josefina Delgado from the Argentinian team got the silver. The skater will compete also for the solo dance discipline at these WRG 2019 and her performance was in fact characterized by good artistic impressions. The bronze medal was won by the French Ruiz Manuela, thanks also to a good combo jump.

Concerning men inline junior skaters the Indian Abhijith Amal Raj deserved his first place. Indeed, he beautifully performed to music by Coldplay and drew public attention although some falls along the program. Yung-Cheng Fan from the Chinese Taipei won the silver and confirmed the great passion of his national team for this growing discipline. In fact, on the third place we find his fellow citizen Yen-Wei Liao, another satisfaction for the national team.

Tomorrow the artistic inline competition will be over, and we will be entertained by the senior inline skaters and by the junior men solo dance who will perform their style dances. In the evening the opening ceremony will celebrate the World Roller Games 2019 with all the national teams.



1)  Davide Arminchiardi ITA

2) Felipe Augusto Werle BRA

3) Aaron Wunder GER


1) Chiara Trentini ITA

2) Elettra Signorini ITA

3) Elena Donadelli ITA


1) Abhijith Amal Raj IND

2) Yung-Cheng Fan TPE

3) Yen-Wei Liao TPE


1) Anna Semisynova RUS

2) Josefina Delgado ARG

3) Ruiz Manuela FRA


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Credits to Raniero Corbelletti