WRG 2019 ARTISTIC: Junior men freeskating gave the audience goosebumps


Today some swing music welcomed the audience here at the Sant Jordi Club, the junior solo dance ladies performed their style dances. Maria Sophia Veiluva from Paraguay stood out with the artistic components and she is currently at the top of the provisional standings followed by the Brazilian Gabriella Giraldi and the Italian Asya Testoni.

But it was also the turn for junior free skaters to officially open the world roller games for their discipline. Contestants have been challenged with their short programs and among the junior ladies the Italian Yenè Corinna Soro Bonati executed a clean performance with a triple toe loop and triple salchow in the jump combination. At the moment the second position is occupied by her fellow citizen Rebecca Vizzoni and the third one by the Romanian Daria Alexandra Matei.

The third group of junior men gave us chills with three top skaters. At the moment, in this first segment of the competition, two Spanish athletes are occupying the top positions. Pau Garcia Domec conquered the audience with an engaging choreography to the song “Barcelona” by Freddy Mercury, and he definitely won over the Catalan public. At the provisional second position there is Ivan Perez Mangas, from Spain too, and at the third one the Portuguese Diogo Antonio Craveiro. All the three guys’performances showed a high technical level with jump combinations that consisted of three triple jumps.

In the next couple of days we’ll have the final results of the junior competitions, both for freeskating and solo dance. We’ll start tomorrow with the final round of the junior solo dance men who will skate their freedance.

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Credits to Raniero Corbelletti