WRG 2019 ARTISTIC: A cheering crowd for stunning performances with junior free dances and long programs


The expectations haven’t been disappointed today by junior skaters. Concerning ladies solo dance the Brazilian Gabriella Giraldi stood out with a breathtaking freedance and gained the first position. The skater draw judges’attention thanks to an engaging choreography and obtained a high technical score with a cluster at the maximum level (level 4). It’s definitely a great result for this young athlete and her national team, since it’s the first gold medal for a Brazilian lady in the history of artistic roller skating.

“I cannot believe it, I don’t understand what’s happening, but I’m very happy! I didn’t expect such a result, but I’m feeling great. I skated from the heart, I felt the music and the moment, and I knew that everything was going to be fine. Next year I’ll be senior but I don’t have any particular expectations, I just wanna do my best as usual.”

Gabriella is followed by Maria Sophia Veiluva, from Paraguay, who was actually leading the competition after the style dance. She skated a very elegant and fluent program and the Italian Asya Sofia Testoni, who was awarded bronze medal, did a great performance as well.

With regards to ladies free skating, also in this competition there has been a change in the standings. The Italian Rebecca Vizzoni got the first place followed by her fellow citizen Yenè Corinna Soro Bonati, who won the silver (the skaters inverted the short program results). Rebecca skated beautifully to Queen music, performed clean triple jumps and a good jump combination with a double axel and a triple salchow. At the third place there is Daria Alexandra Matei, from Romania, with a catchy gipsy choreography.

There aren’t many ways to describe junior free skating men’s competition, if not by saying that they definitely wowed the audience with some stunning performances. The gold medalist and two-time world champion is the Spanish Pau Garcia Domec, who was particularly excited to perform in his hometown.

“I’m really honoured to skate here with my people, in my hometown. I’m feeling proud and thrilled, I’m very happy. And to skate in front of my people has been incredibly motivating! Next year I’ll compete in senior category and it’ll be a challenge for me, I’ll need to work even harder. But for now, I wanna thank my coach Oscar Molins, who’s like a father for me, my family, my friends and the Spanish team.”

At the second place we find the Portuguese Diogo Antonio Craveiro, with a choreography on a samurai theme, while Ivan Perez Mangas, another Spanish skater, got the bronze medal. The audience’s support to these top athletes has really liven up the atmosphere here at the venue!

Tomorrow senior skaters will enter the rink for the first time with solo style dances, and it’ll also be the time for pairs and couple dances to get involved in the competition.




1) Gabriella Giraldi BRA

2) Maria Sophia Veiluva PAR

3) Asya Sofia Testoni ITA


1) Rebecca Vizzoni ITA

2) Yené Corinna Soro Bonati ITA

3) Daria Alexandra Matei ROU


1) Pau Garcia Domec ESP

2) Diogo Antonio Craveiro POR

3) Ivan Perez Mangas ESP

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Credits to Raniero Corbelletti