WRG 2019 ARTISTIC: Other thrilling performances from this year's top athletes!


An intense day is over at the Sant Jordi Club, the beautiful venue that hosted these first days of the World Roller Games 2019, and we witnessed many breathtaking performances.

The afternoon started with junior pairs competition and the Italian couple Micol Mills and Tommaso Cortini confirmed their first position with the highest marks both in the element score and in the components. At the second place there’re two other Italian skaters, Angelica Bertoldi and Claudio Casini who performed an elegant choreography, while the Portuguese Catarina Craveiro and Diogo Craveiro were awarded bronze medal. It’s a family’s success for the two brothers who are actually trained by both their parents.

With regards to couple dance, Palmira Seeger Suarez and Paul Turbanow started skating together only three years ago and in these first years of their (hopefully long) career they achieved many successes. Last year in Jeneusse category they got the second position at the European championships and now, at the World Roller Games, the breakthrough: the gold medal.

“We’re incredibly happy for such a result, our hard work and all the sacrifices paid off! We think that both audience and judges saw our passion about skating and maybe this is exactly our strength: our capacity to express emotions while skating! We wanna thank all the people that supported us during the past years: our families and our coaches Andreas and Viktoria”.

This evening we had the pleasure to see also the stunning senior solo dance performances. Among the ladies the 6 times world champion (one gold medal in junior category and five in the senior one) Silvia Stibilj stood out with an engaging and beautiful choreography by Sandro Guerra and recovered three positions.

“I didn’t expect it, I knew that I would have got a medal, but I didn’t expect the gold one. This result is even more important for me compared to the previous world championships, because it has been a tight race. I’m so happy and grateful!”.

In second and third position we find the Portuguese Ana Luisa Monteiro Walgode, who played Anna Frank, and the Italian Anna Remondini, who skated to the “Ghost” theme music. Both the skaters proved good skating skills and performed moving choreographies.

During the last “round” of today’s competitions it was men’s turn to entertain the audience. And they definitely didn’t disappoint its high expectations! Daniel Morandin confirmed his first position by drawing crowd’s attention through a very personal interpretation of “The Black Swan”, a free program that this top athlete already performed 9 years ago and that he wanted to reproduce with a revisited choreography and music (with an original theme by Maxime Rodriguez).

“I wanted to see how this choreography could have been marked with this new judging system, the Rollart.  I’m very attached to this program because when I first performed it, in 2011, I got a gold medal at the world championship after a couple of years of what I consider to be some “failures”. And this is the free program that somehow made me stand out in this discipline”.

At the second position we find the incredibly talented Mattia Qualizza, from Italy, who literally wowed the crowd with some folk African music and very high technical elements. He conquered the audience with his outstanding interpretation and passionate way of skating. Another elite athlete, the Portuguese Pedro Monteiro Walgode, was awarded bronze medal with a beautiful performance to “The Nutcracker” music.

Tomorrow it’ll be a day off for the artistic discipline. By Thursday the competitions will move to the breathtaking venue of the Palau Sant Jordi and we are eagerly waiting to witness other stunning performances.



1) Micol Mills – Tommaso Cortini ITA

2) Angelica Bertoldi – Claudio Casini ITA

3) Catarina Cunha Craveiro – Diogo Antonio Cunha Craveiro POR


1) Palmira Seeger Suarez – Paul Turbanow GER

2) Caterina Artoni – Raoul Allegranti ITA

3) Bruna Pinheiro – Ernesto Silva POR


1) Silvia Stibilj ITA

2) Ana Luisa Monteiro Walgode POR

3) Anna Remondini ITA


1) Daniel Morandin ITA

2) Mattia Qualizza ITA

3) Pedro Monteiro Walgode POR

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Credits to Raniero Corbelletti