WRG 2019 ARTISTIC: A long show at the Palau Sant Jordi with Senior free skaters, Quartets and Small Groups


What an exciting day at the Palau Sant Jordi! Many competitions have passed by and we saw on the skating rink some of the international figure skating stars. The afternoon started with couple dances’ latin rhythms, their style dances were amazingly supported by the audience that clapped to the beat. The Italian duo Anna Remondini and Daniel Morandin are first in the initial segment of the competition, after the judges scored a 62.53. They drew the crowd’s attention with a beautiful choreography and good technical elements.

The Walgode brothers from Portugal sit second with their engaging samba to the music “Mas que nada”. These two elite skaters smoothly executed the style dance with just little mistakes in the hold synchronized cluster sequence. Another Italian pair made by Silvia Stibilj and Andrea Bassi is occupying the third position with a program underlined by a stunning dance lift combo.

Then it was time to witness the stunning senior free skating long programs. The 20 years old Rebecca Tarlazzi conquered the first place at her first year in Senior category, followed by her fellow citizen and Italian champion Letizia Ghiroldi.

“I’m incredibly happy, I wanted to win or, at least, I hoped it would happen. After the Italian championships I was truly disappointed with my second position. I knew that my short program hadn’t been much appreciated, so I decided to change it for the World Roller Games. I knew that I didn’ have anything to lose, so I took the risk, I went to Sandro Guerra who made my choreography and I worked really hard. I trained as I had never done it before! Now I need to concentrate for tomorrow’s pairs long program and then, talking about the next year, my future biggest goal will be to get qualifications for the World Games.”

Letizia got the silver with her elegant performance and stood out with the components, one of the strengths and personal characteristics of this talented athlete. Carla Escrich Sole from Spain scored the fourth free program but finally got the bronze.

Among the men, the defending world champion Luca Lucaroni secured the lead with an outstanding clean program during which nailed eight triple jumps. Another incredible result for this elite skater who is only 24. Spain’s figure skating’s star, Pere Marsinyach Torrico, is quite far back in second place. The skater really created an emotional connection with the audience, just like his compatriot Sergio Canales Rodriguez, who performed a great performance as well and got third place.

The competitions’ day moved on with quartets’ show. Two Italian teams are topping the standings: “Celebrity” and “Neovis”. The first one stood out with a graceful choreography by Sandro Guerra, while the second quartet is led by a famous dance skater, Alessandro Spigai, who decided to represent an important topic (stereotypes related to gender identity) with a program entitled “pink or blue”. “Say Yes” from Portugal stands on third place and conquered crowd’s hearts with their “Your majesty”, an engaging and funny program completely based on Queen music.

Last but not least small groups entered the floor with their bewildering array of props and detailed liutards. Spain is the hands-down winner with a gold and silver medal. “Cp l’Aldea” smashed the competition with the choreography “Without the sun”. Some “dark” interpretation and fire tricks incremented the beautiful footwork and intersections. Their compatriots Cpa Gondomar were awarded silver, the program “Saint Mary” wowed the audience with its quite disturbing theme of a young girl locked in a psychiatric hospital. “The medicine evolution” was the performance by the Italian Roma Roller Team, that won the bronze with a fluent and original choreography by Alessandro Spigai who, as explained above, took part also in the quartet Neovis.

The World Roller Games are almost over, but we still have another last intense day to celebrate this amazing competition. Tomorrow we’ll be entertained by senior couple dances, pairs and, to top it off, we’ll witness to large groups’ competition and the Gran Gala.



1) Rebecca Tarlazzi ITA

2) Letizia Ghiroldi ITA

3) Carla Escrich Sole ESP


1) Luca Lucaroni ITA

2) Pere Marsinyach Torrico ESP

3) Sergio Canales Rodriguez ESP


1) Celebrity – “Piano concerto n. 3” ITA

2) Neovis – “Pink or blue” ITA

3) Say Yes – “Your Majesty” POR


1) Cp l’Aldea – “Without the sun” ESP

2) Cpa Gondomar – “Saint Mary” ESP

3) Roma Roller Team – “The medicine” ITA

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Credits to Raniero Corbelletti