Bangkok2016: Battle Time!

Next to last day of competitions of the FIRS World Inline Freestyle Championship 2016 in Bangkok, today totally dedicated to Battle Slalom. Athletes battle it out with tricks and style. The morning has seen long quarter finals of both categories Junior, Men and Women up to the final in the early afternoon.

Junior Women – Battle Slalom

The Chinese team wins also this year the gold medal in this discipline. And if last year it was also the holder of the silver medal, to win this year was Russia.

1. Liu Jiaxin (China)
2. Bogdanova Sofia (Russia)
3. Smirnova Anna (Russia)

Junior Men – Battle Slalom

If last year the podium in this discipline was varied, this year is the strong Chinese team to completely occupy it in the Junior Men.

1. Zhang Hao (China)
2. Gu Kunqi (China)
3. Li Wenzhuo (China)

Once the finals of the Junior category were over, in the afternoon it was the turn of the Senior category, starting from the qualifications, quarter finals, semi-finals and finals.

Senior Women – Battle Slalom

Like last year, two on three positions of the podium are prerogative of the Russian team. The world champion remains Kuznetsova Daria and Dubinchik Ksenia, last year bronze medal, gets this year the silver.

1. Kuznetsova Daria (Russia)
2. Dubinchik Ksenia (Russia)
3. Hartmanis Klaudia (Poland)

Senior Men – Battle Slalom

Another podium divided between the Chinese and the Russian team, very strong this year.

1. Timchenko Sergey (Russia)
2. Timchenko Alexander (Russia)
3. Ye Haoqin (China)

At the end of the competitions took place the awards ceremonies for Speed Slalom, Pair Classic Slalom and Battle Slalom.

All the competitions will be live on FIRSTv.

Pictures by Wasuwat Torkaew