Bangkok2016: Second day dedicated to Classic and Pair Slalom

The second and very hot competition day of Bangkok 2016 is over. Today on the rink the athletes of the specialties Classic Slalom and Pair Slalom. As always the competitions started early in the morning with the qualifications of the Classic and have been followed by the performance of the Pair Slalom.

Pair Slalom
The pair race, pointing to the pursuit of total harmony between the two partners, and to the cleaning and the technical dexterity, has seen as protagonist the Italian, Chinese and Japanese teams.

1. Valerio Degli Agostini/Lorenzo Guslandi (Italy)
2. Ye Haoqin/Zhang Hao (China)
3. Shibagaki Masayoshi/Shibagaki Taiki (Japan)

Following the regular final competitions of Classic Slalom for all categories. Junior Women open up the games in the early afternoon.

Junior Women – Classic Slalom
As last year at the World Championships in Turin, the top two positions of this specialty are occupied by Russia and China, but this year the roles were reversed:

1. Sofia Bogdanova (Russia)
2. Feng Hui (China)
3. Bao Yi Fan (China)

Junior Men - Classic Slalom
In the Junior Men, the podium remains unchanged from last year, except for the silver medal that this year went to China and not to Italy:

1. Zhang Hao (China)
2. Li Wenzhuo (China)
3. Lai Hsu Chieh (Chinese Taipei)

Senior Women – Classic Slalom
The only position of the podium confirmed compared with last year, is the silver medal of the Russian Kuznetsova. The first place has always gone to China, but to another team member, while the bronze, last year of Ukraine, was won by the Polish team:

1. Meng Yun (China)
2. Kuznetsova Daria (Russia)
3. Hartmanis Klaudia (Poland)

Senior Men – Classic Slalom
The same podium of last year, the Russian brothers and the athlete of the Chinese team confirm their skill in the Classic Slalom:

1. Timchenko Sergey (Russia)
2. Ye Hao Qin (China)
3. Timchenko Alexandr (Russia)

Award ceremonies, because of scheduling reasons, will take place tomorrow.

Check all the results here. All the competitions will be live on FIRSTv

Pictures by Wasuwat Torkaew