Inline Freestyle World Championships is coming to Shanghai

The Inline Freestyle World Championships 2023 are coming as every year, and this time they will take place in Shanghai, China, from 9th to 12th of November. The event, which reached its 15th edition, will take place at the Luwan Sports Center, Huangpu District. Athletes will be involved in Speed Slalom, Freestyle Slalom Classic, Pair Slalom, Freestyle Slalom Battle, Freestyle Slide and Free Jump. The competitive season has been very long this year, and the preparation for the World Championships included 4 international 3-star events, 3 of which were held in Europe and 1 in Asia. Each international competition awards points for the rankings, which are crucial for securing a good starting position in the races. The international competitions were held in Valladolid (Spain), Namwon (Korea), Paris (France), and Osimo (Italy). Additionally, the European Continental Championships were held in Ciudad Real (Spain) and the upcoming Asian Championships will be in China next week. Furthermore, the Asian Games took place two weeks ago, and inline freestyle skating in the Speed and Pairs categories was included in the program of the Games; on such occasion, incredible times were featured in the Speed discipline, such the Chinese Taipei skater HUANG Pin-Ruei recording a time of 3.885 seconds. Looking ahead, we have lots of expectations for the 15th Inline Freestyle World Championships. Speed skating will certainly feature highly competitive races, as many nations have high-performing athletes, including Chinese Taipei, China, Iran, Italy, France, and Spain, all of which have shown their ability to compete for podium placements in various international competitions. In the Jump discipline, much anticipation is in place for a world title rematch between Argentina, France, Italy and the competitors from Senegal, with the reigning world champion Fall Dame. In the other disciplines - Classic, Battle, Pairs, and Slide - there is great excitement for the first real clash between European and Asian skaters. There have been no opportunities since 2020 for the athletes from these regions to compete against each other, except for the skaters from Chinese Taipei, who have organized expeditions to Europe, and a few Thai and Japanese skaters who met European skaters at the Korean competition. There is also much anticipation for Chinese skaters, particularly Zhang Hao, who performed exceptionally well at the Asian Games, winning the gold medal in the Pairs discipline. These will undoubtedly be high-level championships, featuring strong nations, including China, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Spain, and Poland. Notable names to mention are the current world champions in Pairs, Valerio Degli Agostini and Lorenzo Guslandi (ITA), the youngest Italian who ever won a world title in inline freestyle in the Battle; Viola Luciani, who will compete alongside the reigning world champion Justyna Tęczar (POL), and Thailand's Natnanda Pasutanavin (THA). The World Champion in the Slide discipline, Carlos Nelson (SPA), will also attend the event. See you in Shanghai for the Inline Freestyle World Championships or follow the competitions on our streaming