Inline Hockey World Championships 2018: a full HIL day in the Altopiano

In spite of the hot Italian summer driving people to mountains and beaches in search of relief from the heat, the "Altopiano di Asiago" was all about hockey inline. Today 17 matches took place in the two venues - PalaRoboan in Roana and Hodegart in Asiago - for the two tournaments that are still in the pool phase. Match after match, athletes'performances are increasingly improving and the expectative for the second phase are very high.

In the Junior Men category, Switzerland tied at 13 seconds to the end against Czech Republic in a breath-taking match. Italy-USA was maybe the tougher match of the day: USA scored first but Italy came back and went to the time break leading 2-1; the first action after the whistle ended with a goal for Itlay and everything seemed to be lost for the USA. But the Americans didn't give up and pushed during all the first half of the second period scoring the 2 goals needed to tie.

Canada, Czech Republic, Finland and Spain easily won their matches in the Senior Women tournament. The match Latvia - Sweden was really amazing: Latvia was leading 4-0 but, back from the locker rooms Sweden came back scoring 3 goals in a row; unfortunately not enough to overturn the final result.

JUNIOR MEN - click on the match to watch the podcast
Asiago. Great Britain - India 21-0
Asiago. Germany - Poland 1-4
Asiago. New Zealand - Latvia 1-0 (Forfeit)
Asiago. Spain - Colombia 2-0
Asiago. France - Sweden 4-3
Roana. Canada - Australia 12-2
Roana. Namibia - China 14-0  
Asiago. Czech Republic - Switzerland 1-1
Roana. Great Britain - Germany 6-2
Asiago. Italy - USA 3-3
Roana. India - Poland 0-23

SENIOR WOMEN - click on the match to watch the podcast

Roana. Canada - Australia 3-0
Roana. Finland - Switzerland 6-1
Roana. Czech Republic - Argentina 8-1
Roana. Spain - New Zealand 7-1
Asiago. Latvia - Sweden 4-3
Asiago. USA - Italy 5-2
Asiago. Switzerland - India 15-3

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The matches from Asiago will be available on live streaming @ World Skate TV
The matches from Roana will be available on live streaming @ World Skate TV

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Pics credits: Roberta Strazzabosco & Max Pattis
Facebook Highlights credits: Wissem Jaubert