Registration deadline on December 15th for the 2019 Inline Hockey Seminar

Inline Hockey
Inline Hockey

LAST CALL: December 15th is the last day to register and get the chance to attend the first World Skate International Seminar for Inline Hockey referees and coache. The Seminar will be held in Rome from 20th to 24th February 2019: theorical and technical lessons will alternate in the conference rooms and in the rink.

Referees Seminar
The focus of the debate will be around the introduction of the 2019 World Skate Rulebook - the new guidelines and video analysis system. For the national referees, it will be also the opportunity to get the international level and be able to participate in all the World Skate Inline Hockey competitions.

Coaches Seminar
The speakers will contribute not only at a technical level but also focusing on important aspects such as nutrition and team building.

Jeff Prime - Coach USA Inline Hockey
Andrea Fonzari - IHTC Chief Referee
Philippe Boudreault - Head Coach Team Spain
Nick Mintsopoulos – International Referee
Eric Perrodin - Coach Teams France
Richard Ropchan - Coach Teams Canada
Roberto Ciprian – Head Coach Team Italy

Logistic information are available on the Bulletin #01
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