Italy welcomes the world!

Inline Hockey
Inline Hockey

World Skate are bursting with excitement to welcome back the best inline hockey players on the planet for the Inline Hockey World Championships in Roccaraso, in the stunning Apennine mountains near the great city of Rome. After the bitter disappointment of cancelling the games in 2020 due to COVID, and months of difficult decisions and uncertainty surrounding this year, the long awaited return of the elite inline hockey competition has finally arrived.

Sabatino Aracu, World Skate President stated: “We wish to thank our friends in the Colombian federation for their immense understanding, knowing that this is not goodbye, but see you again soon! Roccaraso represents one of the Inline hockey World Championships venues that is best remembered. We had very little time to make such a big decision, and the Abruzzo region in Italy came to our rescue!”

Andrea Fonzari, World Skate Technical Commission Chair said: “We were all very excited and optimistic about organising the world championship in Cartagena. During the technical inspection at the beginning of 2020, we verified the exceptional organisational work carried out by the friendly Colombian federation. Unfortunately, Covid ruined the plans for everyone.” With all thoughts turned to finding a way to play, Fonzari answered: “The desire to play this sport again is great, both among the players and among the organisers. We are taking responsibility to guarantee the maximum possible safety for all participants. Everyone in the World Skate organisation is working tirelessly in this respect.”

This fantastic return to playing inline hockey again will be the third time Roccaraso has hosted the games, so many players might be familiar with the Pala Bolino Arena. This quiet little town in the Abruzzo will once again host the elite of inline hockey, where this year 16 national federations will send their best to represent them, each sending a senior men’s teams, and 10 senior Women’s teams. The last competition to be held, in Spain 2019, Team USA reclaimed their title, after the Czechs had taken the position for a few years. In the Women’s competition, The Americans will look to hold their dominance in the sport.

This year’s competitions also represent something a bit extra special, as the Senior Men’s competition will qualify for the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. USA.

World Skate is also excited to bring the games to the world in this edition, with the introduction of an upgrade to the live stream. This includes some new features, particularly offering live reporting and commentary for selected games for both Men and Women, and regular daily games reports, with exclusive news and views, to really bring the games alive to the world. World Skate are aware that not everyone can easily travel to the competition.

It is important for our growth and sustainability that we spread the word, so we are excited to partner with Peter Wirt, former Team GB player and manager for the masters. He states: “I am tremendously excited to work with my colleagues and friends at World Skate, and help them bring this outstanding competition alive for the whole world to see. I have a great passion for this sport, and a drive to promote and develop it everywhere. I cannot wait to meet and speak with the players, and share their passion and talent with the world. I consider myself very lucky to have a front row seat to the very best of Inline Hockey. See you in Roccaraso”!

The Games begin with Women’s group matches from September 8th, and conclude with a closing ceremony following the Men’s finals on September 19th. Please join us in person, or live online. All the details will be soon available on theWorld Skate website

We are confident that it will be a great championship and that it will be remembered as the great comeback championships. We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to this beautiful place, to once again play the beautiful game.